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A Maine medical and retail marijuana lawyer representing patients and caregivers throughout Maine

Maine medical marijuana lawyer









A Maine cannabis law firm dedicated to you.

Maine medical and adult-use marijuana laws are complicated and evolving.  Maine CannaCounsel helps you make sense of your rights and responsibilities as a cannabis business or user, or someone thinking of entering the Maine cannabis industry.

Attorney Matt Dubois advocates for patients, caregivers, and cannabis businesses both in and out of the courtroom and helps keep cannabis businesses compliant and running smoothly.  

Let Maine CannaCounsel take the guesswork out of running your Maine medical or adult use marijuana business, or obtaining needed medicine.  Schedule an appointment today.

Contact an attorney online to schedule a phone consultation or meeting today.

Maine medical marijuana law firm
Maine medical marijuana attorney

Learn about what makes Maine CannaCounsel different, and the right choice for you.

Phone: (207) 951-6395

Fax: (207) 433-1215


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