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Reliable legal protection.  Affordable flat rates.

Peace of mind.

What is the first thing you think of when you think of hiring an attorney? Most people think, "This is going to be expensive."

Think again.

Dubois Law is here to provide medical marijuana caregivers, patients, and retail cannabis businesses cost effective, fixed-rate legal services that fit your budget.  Read on to find the best legal services package for your needs.

Legal Essentials Package

Ideal for patients, caregivers, and others, the Essentials Package ensures you will have access to a year of legal advice on unlimited issues, calls and emails on your behalf, 5 hours of other legal work, and a 33% discount on legal work beyond 5 hours.

For a one-time $750 fee you secure:

Caregiver Package

Dubois Law recognizes that caregivers are in a unique position of being both providers of life-saving medication, and being business owners.  Matt Dubois  has experience representing business owners, and knows that all caregivers require certain legal safeguards to protect their livelihoods.  These include LLC formation to separate personal and business assets; ensuring all licenses are properly obtained and kept current; and a host of other measures large and small.  

That’s why Dubois Law offers caregivers an affordable, fixed-rate legal service package.  For a one-time $1,500 fee, you secure: 

Why secure legal services in advance?

Preventative counseling can keep you ahead of the curve and out of court.


Medical marijuana caregivers and patients know all too well the legal uncertainty and gray areas surrounding Maine’s medical marijuana laws.  However, many may not know all of their rights or responsibilities under the law, or be aware when important changes are made to the law.


By enrolling in one of Dubois Law's prepaid legal service plans, you ensure that you will be notified whenever there is a change in the laws governing your practices as a patient or caregiver.  You will also have an attorney standing by at all times to respond to calls and emails about important legal questions.  By securing proactive, prevenative counsel now, you can save significant time, money, and aggravation down the road.     


A legal service package ensures you will have an attorney when you need one.


While most patients and caregivers are well aware of the risks surrounding their practices, many may not know that under civil asset forfeiture laws, law enforcement agents can and do seize both medicine and funds that they suspect may be related to a crime.  Asset forfeiture can deprive you of the means to obtain legal representation when you need it most.


When you have been arrested and your money and medicine seized is no time to be worrying about finding legal representation.  You need an attorney who will be there for you for both everyday legal questions and business matters, as well as in times of crisis. 


That’s why Dubois Law offers patients and caregivers continuing affordable legal services for predictable, one-time fees.  By securing legal protection now, you ensure you will be covered in even the worst case scenario.  


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