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About Dubois Law, a Maine medical and retail marijuana law firm




Marijuana plant

Maine CannaCounsel was founded in 2015 with one goal in mind: to represent Maine patients and caregivers under Maine's Medical Use of Marijuana Program, and now services those working within the adult use cannabis industry.  Unlike other Maine firms, Maine CannaCounsel practices cannabis law exclusively.  Matt Dubois is a lawyer who knows the law and has experience working with state agencies that make, implement, and enforce the rules that affect cannabis businesses' livelihoods and patients' healthcare every day.  Matt is committed to ensuring fair treatment for his clients.

Efficiency and Convenience

Law firms are notoriously slow to change with the times.  Maine CannaCounsel breaks this mold and adopts new ideas and technologies to serve clients more efficiently.  Here are some examples:


  • Cloud-based client access.  


A secure, cloud-based case management solution allows clients to access all the case filings, documents, and docket dates that are important to their case anytime, anywhere.  It also allows busy clients to communicate with their attorney with ease, chatting in real time, leaving comments on specific documents, and sending secure messages.  This secure system is layered on top of the traditional means of communication, keeping clients in the loop and in charge of their case 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  








  • Easy electronic payment options.  


In today's world, people increasingly prefer to pay for goods and services online with credit or debit cards.  Legal services should be no different, and that's why MaineCannaCounsel clients can receive invoices via email and pay online via credit or debit card, in addition to traditional methods like cash, check, and telephonic credit card processing.

Honest, Simple Billing

All too often people initiate a matter or embark on a project without a clear sense of the financial realities involved.  This can lead to surprise down the road, which is something no one ever wants to experience during litigation.  Maine CannaCounsel believes that clients should understand their case and the finances involved from day one.  That's why the firm makes sure clients' financial questions are answered at the outset.  Clients can also see their invoices online at any time to get a real-time understanding of their case and financial picture.

Maine CannaCounsel and Dubois Law offer competitive rates and ethical, efficient billing.  The firm offers both hourly billing and flat rates, depending on the nature of the matter, and rates vary between matters.  Contact the firm for an estimate for the specific services you require.

Online billing

Straightforward case evaluation

Honest case evaluation

A good lawyer is a counselor, not a salesman.  That's why Maine CannaCounsel will never try to sell a client on any legal action unless it is in the client's best interest and the client fully understands the potential risks and rewards involved.  At Maine CannaCounsel, you can expect an honest and straightforward evaluation of:


  • the strengths of your case;

  • the challenges and limitations of your case;

  • the likelihood that you will prevail;

  • what you are likely to recover if you win your case; and 

  • the costs and risks if you proceed.  

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